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Increasing the value of your employees.

About Us

Our company focuses on your bottom line by increasing the value of your most valuable asset, your employees. By creating scaleable and effective talent solutions in recruiting, onboarding, employee training and employee retention, we reduce your attrition costs, accelerate employee productivity and increase your market reach.

Our Work

Some of our recent projects helped companies increase productivity by:

Hiring key talent to accelerate a companies sales efforts, which had been dropping.Tackling a company’s poor brand image by putting in place cost-effective practices that helped the company move from questionable employer to super employer.Leveraging in-house technology to build a company-wide survey tool to impact employee engagement.Reducing the time employees needed to learn key software platforms by putting in place a program that normalized global training across the company and leveraged video training on a scalable and intuitive platform.Developing an easy-to-use M&A integration guide and tools, so money spent was leveraged to the bottom line quickly.
Some of our clients have been or currently include multinationals Fortinet, Concentrix, Prysmian and Nortel – among many others.

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